At Epsom Primary and Nursery School, we instil excellent punctuality and attendance.

Why is Attendance Important?

It is important your child attends school to ensure a good education, and by law, children aged five to sixteen must attend school. During term time, your child should attend school unless they are ill or the school has authorised the absence. If your child is too ill to attend school, please let the school know through Studybugs. If you need to take your child out of school for exceptional circumstances, please complete a ‘Request of Leave’ form, available from the school office.

If you take your child out of school without approval for five days or more, you will be liable to receive a Penalty Notice from Surrey County Council for failing to ensure your child’s regular school attendance. Each parent will be liable to receive a Penalty Notice for each child who is absent.

For further assistance, please contact Jessica Bezuidenhout on - or call the school on 01372 720608.


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