Vision, Ethos & Values

Our core values underpin everything we do at Epsom Primary and Nursery School. Our school life and our curriculum promote being respectful, ambitious, inclusive and nurturing. 

Our children are given the opportunity to explore ideas through enquiry-based learning where vocabulary is taught with a high priority and deliberate connections between subjects used to promote the development of longer term memory. Our curriculum reflects the inclusive and diverse nature of our school and community to ensure that our children are inspired to reach their full potential from whatever their starting point may be. 

We firmly believe that cultivating vocabulary is essential for unlocking the entire curriculum. To ensure a meticulously planned and sequenced learning experience that builds upon prior knowledge, we have developed comprehensive knowledge, skills, and vocabulary documents for all subjects. Simultaneously, we place a high focus on reading throughout the school, understanding its vital role in fostering a lifelong love of learning. This approach provides interconnected moments for children to gain a deeper understanding, and we underpin this with first hand engaging opportunities such as trips, exploring the local area through field work and a range of workshops. 

Developing emotional resilience is very important at Epsom Primary and Nursery School. The children understand when to be ready to learn, why they need to be ready to learn and continue to develop strategies to be able to be ready to learn through the Zones of Regulation.  

At Epsom Primary School, we follow a restorative and trauma-informed behaviour approach that fosters a culture of compassion, understanding, and growth for all members of our school community. Inspired by the transformative work of Paul Dix (When Adults Change Everything Changes), our vision is to create a safe and inclusive environment where every pupil feels valued, supported, and empowered to succeed. Our staff build strong relationships and connections within our pupils, rooted in trust, empathy, and respect.  

We understand that children's behaviour is communication and often reflects their underlying needs and experiences. By embracing a trauma-informed approach, we seek to create a supportive school that acknowledges and responds to the diverse experiences and challenges pupils may face. We support our children to gain a wider understanding of the world we live in while being accepting and respectful towards those who may be different from themselves. 

EPS School Development Plan 2023/24




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