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Ways to support your child's home learning

Engaging your child at home

During this period of school closure and national lockdown, we know that it can be difficult at times for all of us to keep motivated. We are all trying our best at such a challenging time. Sometimes the children may find the work tricky or as parents, you are struggling to juggle; working from home, running a household and trying to support your children with their home learning. It is no wonder many may find this a little daunting.

We hope that the following information will help you in some way to tackle any difficulties you are currently having the home schooling.

Anything you can do to continue keeping children interested and motivated to learn, will have a huge impact on their experiences during this time and upon a successful return to school in the future.

The school can always be contacted through the class or office email, if you feel you need more support.

What if my child wants to do the work, but finds it difficult to focus at home?

Ideas that can help:

  1. Can they use headphones? Blocking out other background noise can sometimes help children to focus more on their task.

  2. Do you have pictures, photos, drawings or objects you can use to explain something they are finding difficult to understand?

  3. Set a routine and try to draw or set a timetable for the day – use a calendar, diary, or even post-it notes stuck to the fridge.

  4. Make up or use familiar songs to indicate different times of the day or changes to the routine – ‘when the radio goes on, it’s the end of school work for today’.

  5. Give children some structure during unstructured times – when they have finished work or you need some time to do your own tasks, give them a fixed set of choices e.g. “You have 1 hour until… you can choose to play with playdough, play with Lego or do some colouring in”.

  6. Give children an opportunity to talk about their emotions and empathise with them – “I think that you might be feeling bored. I feel bored too when I have to stay in all day. Sometimes when I’m bored I…”.

  7. Remember to let your child use different ways to show their learning if they need to – draw it, take a photo, make a model, type it up, let them talk about it and record what they say yourself.

  8. Give them access to a ‘quiet area’ or have quiet time during each day to help them to relax or switch off when they need to.

  9. Continue to have regular breaks for a drink, a snack and some fresh air if possible – just like school!

If you have any other helpful tips that have worked for your children, please get in touch by emailing reply@epsom.surrey.sch.uk

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