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'Love is in the air' - Special Valentine's Day themed Maths workshop for families of EPS

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you to those who came to our Love Maths workshop today. It was a brilliant turn out with over 90 parents attending! The workshop explained the strategies we use during maths lessons in school, technology and apps to use at home, and covered all kinds of ‘day to day’ activities that involve maths. Day to day activities like understanding the weather forecast, counting money and understand board games that involve shapes and numbers... You'd be surprised how often we need maths in our every day lives!

"I found the workshop really insightful as it helped me to understand the ways in which maths is being taught to my child in class. I was also interested to learn about the tools that my son and I could use at home together to assist his learning. My son enjoyed showing me the Numbots and Rockstar Times Tables apps and I discovered ways in which I can make learning about numbers fun." - Year 3 parent

"I thought the workshop was great. It was good to find out more about numberbots and maths rockstars and finding new ways to make maths fun" - Reception parent

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