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Just Because Day!

Updated: Mar 30

Last Thursday was Just Because Day at Epsom Primary.

A day to focus the fact that the things that bring real joy are kindness and support, positive gestures and words, family and friendships. Giving, just because!

We had lots going on to celebrate this concept throughout the day!

Epsom Fire Service came in and taught Reception and Nursery all about fire safety & gave them a tour of the fire engine.

Epsom Police came in and talked to Year 6 about the importance of kindness on social media.

Blenheim High School hosted the Year 5's for a science lesson and sent science lessons in a box to all classes.

Nursery planted bulbs and seeds to take to Appleby House Care Home.

Year 2's went to the Children Centre to help in the garden.

Year 6's went to Costcutter to help stack the shelves and sweep the floor. They then surprised us with a £200 donation to the school fund. Thank you Costcutter!!

St John's Leatherhead came in and ran language lessons with Year 3 & Year 4

KS2 children read to reception and nursery.

Sports Cool ran archery and curling lessons with Year 4 & Year 2.

The PTA came in and did some gardening around the playground.

Parents donated to the Childrens Trust, Epsom & Ewell Food Bank & Epsom Hospital.

Throughout the day there were random acts of kindness from children and staff and spontaneous notes of kindness were left on the kindness board and everyone decorated positivity stones.

"I loved today because everyone should be kind just because" - Alex K

"I loved Just Because Day because you get to help people" - Amelia

"I loved reading to nursery" - Anya

"I enjoyed being nice to everyone" - Kiera

"I loved that you can show kindness" - Jess

It was a fantastic day that everyone enjoyed and fully embraced!


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