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Just Because Day

"Kindness - It costs nothing, but means everything"

On Friday 24th January, EPS hosted our very first 'Just Because Day'

Founded by our Head Teacher, Mrs Pollard, this day was purely supporting the idea that generous gestures for no personal gain is an important life lesson to all members of the school community.

"After such a commercial and materialistic season it can be perceived by some children that this is how you measure success. As a growing citizen of an uncertain future, it is so important to look after each other and recognise the power of good when the news often tells us otherwise with unbalanced coverage." - Mrs Pollard

We received an overwhelming response from Independent Schools as well as local businesses, who offered their time and expertise for the day... Just Because!

We're so happy this day was a success, we really did show how powerful kindness can be and our pupils will hopefully remember this day for years to come!

Take a look at what we got up to...

1. EPS families and staff donated a large hamper of toys and books to the Children's Ward at Epsom Hospital... Just Because!

2. We received a massive £2,000 donation from St Christopher's School towards Early Learning resources... Just Because!

3. Our Year 1's were kindly given a Netball workshop by St Christopher's School... Just Because!

4. Year 2's were kindly given a Cricket workshop by St John's School... Just Because!

5. A group of year 6's visited Sherwood Park school to read with the pupils... Just Because!

6. Year 5's were kindly given a Science workshop at Blenheim School... Just Because!

7. Our Year 3's hosted a Tea Party for the residents at Appleby House... Just Because!

8. A volunteer from Children's Trust gave a talk to our children about the kindness of volunteering.

9. Parent Volunteers helped out around the school, clearing out the outdoor area and organising the library... Just Because!

10. Staff were creative in their ideas to make each other's days, from covering lessons to making each other lunch... Just Because!

11. Children made and brought in treats for their teachers... Just Because!

12. We were kindly given a Rugby workshop by professional rugby coach, Nick Harris... Just Because!

13. Concert Band got the chance to work with Music Scholars from City of London Freemen's School... Just Because!

14. We hosted a coffee morning and talk with Educational Psychologist, Fiona Dawson for our families in 'Supporting a Child with Anxiety'.

15. Staff left positive messages all around the school for the children.

Click this link to watch the video from day provided by What's on in Epsom

15 of many kind gestures that occurred during this day. Thank you to all who participated in this event, we are already so excited for next year!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" - Aesop

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