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Fantastic day at the More Able Writers Workshop

Today, EPS hosted another Highly Able and More Able (HAMA) workshop, this time for the Year 5 and 6 pupils who have been identified as a ‘more able’ student in English. We were also joined by five other primary schools in the area and their HAMA pupils.

Our key speaker was poet, song writer, musician and rapper, Rob Bradley. He discussed how he started writing poetry at sixteen years old and fell in love with the ability to tell stories with his poems and music. He expressed his passion to own the power of this skill and to be the best he can be.

The children learned the five golden rules of becoming a great poet.

1. Performing to a beat

2. Acapella

3. DJ - Fast/Slow

4. Turn taking - You perform a bar/ opponent performs a bar.

5. Freestyle

The children attempted to write a couple of group poems using freestyle and rhyming couplets. They experienced the need for rhyme, humour, meaning and challenge and how using language is a tool to write stories and paint pictures in the audiences mind.

Sophie said - “I have really enjoyed listening to the poet and learning how to make poetry flow.”

Kritika said - “I enjoyed this workshop as it was engaging and fun."

It was a fun, inspiring and rewarding opportunity for all involved. We were particularly proud of the pupils that attended from our school. They were fantastic hosts to our guests and represented us extremely well.

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