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Extended Provision Team look forward to welcoming pupils back!

Our Extended Provision Team are looking forward to welcoming more EPS pupils back to both Breakfast and After School Club.

They have been following the government guidelines for children of Key Workers during lockdown, and have made adjustments to ensure that the children are safe in their bubbles as well as ensuring the provision remains welcoming and child friendly.

You can view photos of the revised layout for the bubbles and how they look along with photos of our revised healthy snacks and light tea menu.

For more information on requesting a place for Breakfast Club and After School Club, please click the link here: https://www.epsomprimaryschool.co.uk/childcare or email the Extended Provision Manager on childcare@epsom.surrey.sch.uk

Each year group has a designated area with their own games and toys. All areas and equipment are thoroughly cleaned before and after each session.

This is just an example of the brilliant and colourful assortment of snacks we provide for each child if staying on until 6pm. Those who are at Extended Provision until 4pm are also provided with a light snack after school too.

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