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EPS Poem Collaboration with Appleby House

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

A group of Year 5 pupils joined residents from Appleby House for weekly sessions of writing poetry about their time at school.

Home Manager, Shona Bradbury, explained why Appleby House care home is taking part in World Poetry Day: “Poetry is a powerful tool that can aid expression, communication and emotional resilience. It is also incredibly evocative and can bring back memories and emotions for older and young people alike."

Shona says both sides benefit: she was astounded at the level of discussion between the residents and children and the depth of feeling in the poetry.

Millie, one of the residents involved in the poetry sessions, had been a teacher. Shona said she had become low and was no longer eating as she had done. When she was invited into the sessions, Shona said: “It was as if someone had switched a light on in her. Working with the children brought back memories of her time in the classroom; it gave her a sense of purpose and restored her sense of self and self-worth.

“She would scribe for the children and give them ideas, and she would talk to them about their days at school and their hobbies. Her mood increased and so did her well-being.”

A poem by Ken and Lyra

Ken’s uniform was green and yellow, mine is green, white and grey. I like Jammy Dodgers, But Ken likes broken biscuits. My class goes on school trips, Ken went on none. Ken liked Art at school and so do I. We both walk to school. We both like comics. We both got boring homework, We both went to Epsom Primary School. Ken is a boy and I am a girl, but we are friends.

“I think the children have not only benefitted academically but also their empathy and understanding have strengthened. Appleby House arranges age-appropriate dementia training for children and this project strengthened their confidence in supporting older people. They have made genuine friendships and we will be helping them to maintain those friendship while encouraging other classes to visit the home.” - Mrs Pollard

“I loved every minute of it. I loved writing the poems with the residents. I liked how my partner gave me loads of ideas with their history of going to school.” - Year 5 pupil

Join Appleby House at their session every Monday:

Intergenerational Mother & Toddlers 11-12pm on Monday mornings | FREE | Cup of tea & biscuits provided. Held at Appleby House Care Home, Longmead Road, Epsom, KT19 9RX Contact number: 01372 888550

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