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EPS celebrate International Day

Last week, EPS celebrated International Day! This year we celebrated our amazingly diverse school community.

During International Day, the children were invited to:

- Wear traditional dress or ‘colours’ from their own country.

- Celebrate Black History Month while learning about those individuals who have made an impact on society.

- Take part in a workshop where the children will learn a song/dance from a specific country.

Throughout the day the children also looked at what makes them unique and special. They created hand prints or feathers to show their individuality. The hands prints and feathers were then displayed in the Hall during International Evening for people to pose in front of.

Breakfast Club Breakfast Club celebrated all things British! With a traditional English breakfast of eggs, bacon and beans. One of the comments from the children was "This is the best bacon I've ever had!". We also invited two teachers to join us and share our breakfast cooked by our amazing chef Stuart. The children enjoyed colouring in their own Union Jack flags and creating artwork using red, white and blue card. Finally, some of the children performed a Morris dance led by our dance teacher, Jen! They were enthusiastic to show their performance to their friends. All in all, a great British morning!

International Evening

The International Evening was an opportunity to share traditional dishes and foods from each family's country – no matter how big, small or spicy!

Families had a great time socialising with other families over their dishes. Pupils could get their faces painted of a flag, and were also able to watch videos of their dances and performances from the day.

Guess my country

This year, we also set up a table of clothes, objects, artefacts from different countries around the world where the adults and children could play 'Guess my country'. It was a great addition to the evening.

The Haka - New Zealand

Caribbean Calypso

Head, shoulders, knees and toes in Polish

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