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Aspirations Day 2021

On Wednesday 9th June, we held our annual Aspirations Day for Year 6, but this year we went virtual! Year 6 had a full day of exploring the many roles in our society and discovering the variety of skills required behind each role. We had 18 volunteers join us through the kindness of parents and members of our community who gave up their time to speak to children and answer their questions either via zoom or a pre-recorded video.

From Police Officers to Orchestral Conductors, from Game Designers to Bank Directors… we had it all!

The aim of Aspirations Day is to help pupils understand where they need to focus their learning in order to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Our core values are woven into the day with unique, creative, and nurturing activities to not only inspire all, but encourage ambition in every pupil.

Year 6 feedback from the day:

“I enjoyed meeting everyone from all different backgrounds. It is great to find out more about them and their job so you are prepared in the future when it is time for you to choose your own career.” – Daniel

“I liked the zoom calls as they were very interesting and really showed me more options to choose from when I’m older” – Lyra

“All of the careers inspired me because they all help people in different ways” – Zulkaif “I enjoyed exploring all of the career options. It was really interesting and all the jobs were really unique” – Tess “I enjoyed learning about different jobs I never knew about” – Sindy

“Meeting the police was the most inspirational zoom I have ever been on! Their jobs look so interesting and they were such lovely people. I was definitely consider this for the future” – Annabel

“The police interested me the most because they protect people and are always there to talk to you” – Samantha

“The GP inspired me the most because they taught me more facts that I did not know. I now want to be a GP when I’m older” – Taylore

“The GP inspired me because they save lives everyday” – Anhmsa

“The school nursery teacher inspired me the most because even though she was dyslexic and had ADHD she still didn’t give up” – Ghainsley “The career that inspired me was the game designer as I like videos games and it was already one of my dream jobs and I got to know a bit more, it seems like a fun and good job to have” – Freddie

“The game designer inspired me because you have to be very creative for that job” – Emily

“I liked the Appleby House Care Home Zoom because it was fascinating to know that even working at a care home can be stressful but you always have a smile on your face at the end of the day” – Olivia

“The software career interested me the most because I did not know what people would actually do on the cloud and what steps it goes through before it goes on the internet.” – Axelle “The software engineers because I like technology so those ones started getting me thinking about my future” – Jayden E

“My favourite was the software engineer because even though it looked fascinating, it also looked complicated” – Tristan “The Fulham FC coach inspired me because he explained very clearly what you need to do to be a coach” – Manu “The Fulham FC coach inspired me because whilst he teaches football he does some mental health stuff with people.” – Eve

“The Radio Jackie presenter inspired me because he talked to lots of new people and managed new problems” – Marek

“I think the 3D model career was very interesting because I saw lots of cool lasers and a software to make the models” – Abdull

“The model maker inspired me the most because it contained art and the model looked seriously cool. I have always wanted to draw on computers” – Lucy

“I’m interested in the researcher career (Cancer Research Scientist) because she works in a lab” – Archie

“I enjoyed hearing all about the finance officer because of all the maths that would be involved” – Olly

“The banker inspired me because I have always wanted to be a banker and they told me what to do and I now want to do it even more” – Zach

“The one that interested me the most was the Metro Bank Manager so I could save my money better” – Josef

“I enjoyed pottery the most as I like arts and crafts and it inspired me to make art more and gave me ideas” – Ines

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