Parent's Voluntary Fund

As some of you already know, the introduction of the new National Funding Formula has affected schools
differently depending on factors relating to their context. Unfortunately, this has had a negative effect on EPS and we are anticipating a cut to our budget of 10%. The government have also recommended a removal of the pay freeze for support staff, which we do support, but schools have not been given the budget to fund this.

Our dilemma is that we are passionate about continuing to deliver a richly resourced and unique curriculum to your children and feel therefore, that we will do everything in our control to avoid staff cutbacks or the reduction of the enrichment opportunities. Therefore, the senior leadership team and Governing Body would like to ask
that, in line with other schools, you might consider contributing to a new School Fund.

It will not surprise any of you to hear that, as a leadership team, we have tried to see the new financial context as an opportunity to be creative and we are putting things in place to attempt to combat any possible negative effect on teaching and learning:

* As a school, we have implemented a leadership model, which allows us to build the capacity to support other schools, MATs and local authorities through our coaching programme, in order to generate income, which enables us to retain and continue to develop our strong leadership and teaching teams.
* We have also encouraged a greater number of volunteers to assist at events so that we can avoid taking staff away from learning focused roles to accompany the teachers on these extra-curricular activities. We have also been asking parents to transport their children to some local after school events to reduce costs Furthermore, we are exploring several funding streams, including sponsorship and educational bids to compliment the school budget, as well as ensuring all families eligible for free school meals, declare this, so we receive the relevant funding.

Our suggested contribution to the School Fund would be £45 per year, per child. We appreciate that you may wish to reduce this if you have a number of children with us and you have the freedom to add as much as you would like as often as you like over the course of the year 2019 - 2020.


We will continue to request your ‘voluntary contributions’ which all parents are asked for to cover the cost of educational visits, workshops and swimming.

"I've really enjoyed sports Enrichment such as Football with Jamie. He made the game really fun and competitive and I improved my skills too"

"I've loved having Art Enrichment with Mrs Reynolds this term. We've had the chance to make things and improve many skills like sketching and painting"

"I have enjoyed Cookery Enrichment, as we get to use a proper kitchen! I've enjoyed improving my cooking skills but my favourite part is the eating!"

"I love football enrichment as we all get to work as a team"