Curriculum Intent and Vision

Mrs Michelle Pollard Deputy Head Teacher

"The purpose of our curriculum is to provide every pupil at Epsom Primary and Nursery School with the skills, knowledge and personal attributes to develop into confident, resilient lifelong learners. We place genuine importance on delivering a curriculum that improves life chances, develops respect for others and encourages curiosity and initiative in an ever changing world."

                                                       - Head of School, Michelle Pollard

The Vision

To equip all children with the skills, opportunities and rich experiences that will help them to choose and navigate their own future pathway whilst creating ambitious, lifelong learners.


Children at EPS have:

  • ambition, aspiration, accountability and high expectations of themselves;

  • lively enquiring minds through questioning, investigating and taking risks;

  • knowledge, skills and understanding of the world in which they live and the ability to make connections;

  • the language, vocabulary and communication skills that enable them to successfully articulate, both personally and academically.

  • an attitude of respect, and an understanding that our actions can have impact on others and the environment;

  • rich first-hand purposeful experiences;

  • an ability to work independently and collaboratively and recognise its value;

  • appreciation and respect for their own culture and for the culture of other communities;

  • racial tolerance and respect for religious differences;

  • an awareness of the importance of good health and wellbeing;

  • confidence in the skills of learning to prepare them for their next phase of education and for life in the 21st century, including public speaking, technological ability and emotional resilience;

  • the opportunities and encouragement to be creative and to show initiative in an
    ever-changing world;

  • a love of learning and an understanding that it is a lifelong process.