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Curriculum and Learning​

Our School Curriculum

At Epsom Primary and Nursery School, we are committed to ensuring that every pupil is given the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, which will equip them for success in the modern world through a rich and relevant curriculum.

Our Creative Curriculum
We have an inclusive creative curriculum which inspires and motivates every child in our care. Our curriculum is designed to reflect and celebrate our diverse community in which we live. 
Due to current circumstances, the topics may have changed order throughout the year. 
Early Years at Epsom Primary And Nursery School
At our school we are committed to nurturing, inclusive and inspiring early childhood experiences. We have a dedicated  two year old provision (First Steps), a maintained Nursery and two Reception classes. Through creative and engaging learning experiences children in Early Years develop the skills and knowledge which enables them to move confidently to the next stage of their education. 
EYFS Offer
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